Kavin School Home   We offer two courses for selenium. Both of these courses does not require any previous experience in automation or any other testing tools knowledge.
1. Basic Selenium using Ruby teaches Selenium IDE, Selenium Core, Selenium RC using Ruby Language.
2. Advanced Selenium using Java Language focuses on teaching core Java, Netbeans IDE, ANT, Junit, TestNG, Selenium RC along with solving complex problems like using Java Robot for key events, AJAX, Data driven testing using dbunit, etc.

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Selenium Automation Test Tool

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S# Presentation/Materials Contents
Week 1

The week one provides high level overview of the entire course contents of Basic Selenium Using Ruby Language. The course starts with installing Selenium IDE (and optionally Firefox) in Mozilla Firefox. Creating simple test cases that search “Energy Efficient” key word in different domain’s search engines. Demonstrates to create a Selenium Test Suite using the “Energy Efficient” test cases in Selenium IDE. The above exercises “Energy Efficient” test case allows you to understand how Selenium is dependent on the HTML structure of the application under test (AUT).

Sets the stage for next weeks by installing useful tools like Firebug, Dom Inspector, X-Path Cheker, XPather, Regular Expression Tester, and HTML Validator. These tools will allow you understand the locator strategies, and how to aptly provide locators for different commands in Selenium. Optionally you can also install 7-Zip for opening Zipped files, and Notepad++ which allows you to look out the source codes of different programming languages.

After Getting access to the materials:

Week 1    Week 2    Week3    Week4    Week5    Week6    Week7    Week8    Week9    Week10