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I took the course first time was in 2013. The course last for 6 weeks. I found a job before the course was over. Unfortunately, job is another manual tester. I was not able to use the skill I learned from Kavin School. Guess what, I got laid off again. This time I finished the course and will be targeting Selenium Webdriver jobs. I am very confident that I will find a job which allow me to use skills I learned from Kavin School. Kangs is a very capable person and his course are very relevant to the current job market.

Stanley Chen
Software Engineer QA

Kangs has deep knowledge about the course. His teaching style is motivational. I had great fun attending his course.

Geeta V

Kangs is a very thorough professional and a great teacher. He paces himself to the classes needs. I enrolled my team along with me for Kavin school and we learnt a lot in a very short time. Kangs gives very good exercises which he has created himself. I highly recommend Kangs for your Selenium training needs(Personal as well as corporate)

Akshay M
Lead QA Engineer

Kangs is a great instructor and this class is like a well taught university lab class. The course material and step by step guidance make the content much easier to learn, while providing you with enough material to keep learning more. Thanks for the knowledge Kangs.

A Dhaliwal

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