Senior Automation Quality Assurance Engineer

Engineering | Walnut Creek, CA, United States

Do you like a good challenge? Does puzzling through an issue excite you? As a passionate Quality Assurance Engineer, you are expected to own and drive the test plans, test case development, execution, and test automation. We are looking for passionate people who bring their experience in Software Development and Quality Assurance and want to make a difference!

Job Description and Responsibilities:

  • Communicate quality metrics in the form of reports that are derived from Automation test suites
  • Lead and facilitate code reviews
  • Participate and facilitate Test plan reviews with other project team members including Project Managers, Development Engineers and Product Owners
  • Ensure product quality through continuous testing and refinement of the code base and test cases
  • Be involved in end to end testing of all products including and not limited to Web applications and Web services
  • Be an integrated part of an Agile engineering team as a full partner testing the functionality delivered in each sprint as the feature is delivered.
  • Provide expert services to the engineering group including scripting, automating, building, and deploying.
  • Using both ad-hoc testing and written test cases, know how to intelligently surface the most bugs in the least amount of time.
  • Assist business stakeholders in uncovering ambiguities in their written requirements.
  • Work with engineers and other business stakeholders to analyze incoming issues, determine reproducibility and conditions under which the issue occurs, and provide guidance towards resolving the issue.
  • Perform verification of software issues as they are fixed and rolled to production
  • Create and execute test plans and test cases, submit bug reports, and maintain the bug database.


  • BS/MS in CS with a minimum of 6+ years of experience in quality assurance
  • 2+ years of experience in developing web based applications
  • Highly proficient in automating web application and web services, experience in working with Selenium, Java, SoapUI Pro is desirable
  • Experience performing software quality assurance of web and e-commerce applications.
  • Good understanding of Agile/Scrum processes and experience participating in an agile team.
  • Adept at writing test cases and writing high quality, easily reproduced issue reports.
  • Familiarity with Linux.
  • Ability to build SQL insert / update / delete statements to prepare data for testing and verify test results
  • Experience using Jira a big plus.

This is a full-time regular position in our Walnut Creek, California office – we ask for no recruiters, no contractors, and no outsources.

In this position you will enjoy – Medical / Dental / Vision benefits; Flexible Spending Account; 401K; Life and Disability Insurance; Gym Membership; Commuter program and paid parking; Holiday and Annual events and company picnics; Snacks and refreshments – Wednesday Breakfasts, Weekly Social Hour, Free Coffee; Culture Club – always coming up with ways to collaborate better.

If you or any of your friends interested in this positions, please do contact us  by clicking here.


Title:  Quality Engineer, Automation (Ruby)

Must Have:

  1. 5+ years experience in QA Engineering or Developer background in an Agile environment
    1. Web application and/or mobile focus (not embedded SW, etc)
    2. Must have good coding/scripting skills, this role has NO manual testing involved.  Pure automation engineering/testing.
  2. 3+ Years experience with Automation engineering/scripting  (1.5+ years specifically using Ruby for scripting)
  3. Strong code review skills


  1. Mobile platform testing experience (iOS and Android specifically)
  2. Calabash (typically used in conjunction with Ruby for mobile testing)
  3. Cucumber


  • Will be focused on purely automating the mobile application testing platform functions for CLIENT’s eCommerce site.


If you or any of your friends interested in this position, please click here and contact us or give us a call at 510.991.7591.



What you need to apply:
* 2-5+ years as a QA Engineer doing performance testing
* Strong automation testing skills
* Experience reading/writing in Java and SQL
* Familiarity with SQL, Oracle,  ANT, Jenkins, HTML, JavaScript, Selenium/Web Driver are all beneficial

What you will be doing:
* Increasing the quality of our products and improving the testing environments
* Reading and writing in Java and SQL
* Finding bugs and automating the testing process
* Testing of a Struts based web application
* Documenting test plans and diagnosing performance issues
* Developing new testing frameworks

Senior QA Consultant – Oakland, CA.

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5-10 years experience in a Consultant and / or a QA role within enterprise software environments.

  • Strong leadership and organizational skills
  • Detail oriented, hard-working and self-motivated
  • 5+ years experience testing enterprise grade real-time software products.
  • Experience in the agile test driven development environment.
  • Experience maintaining, and modifying test automation and test management tools.
  • Experience with Unix, Windows, Oracle, EDI, Oracle, SQL Server and Java (Groovy)
  • Experience with scripting languages is required, Java and python are preferred.
  • Experience with VMWare is a plus.
  • Must be self-motivated, proactive, and able to execute tasks independently and within a team environment.
  • Excellent analytical, written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Willing to travel up to 80%
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills in English
  • Able to work extended hours under tight deadlines
  • Able to multi-task and successfully meet goals
  • Strong technical and troubleshooting skills in several applications and technologies
  • Working knowledge of use case modeling and process modeling techniques

Optional Qualifications

  • Experience with related systems such as transportation management systems, warehouse management systems, or radio frequency identification systems

5+ years’ experience in both manual & automation testing. Experience in one of the automation tools – Selenium/Web Driver.

Very good knowledge on SQL.

Language: Java

Framework: JUnit/TestNG

Experience in one of the continuous integration tool is a plus.

If you have relevant experience, send an e-mail to us.



Expert in creating and applying automation tool Selenium IDE / RC to testing

  • Experience in Visual Studio and C# to create coded and coded UI tests
  • Expert knowledge of testing web applications on multiple browsers
  • Database experience in creating and/or running SQL commands
  • Knowledge of Microsoft .Net framework

Only USA Citizen required for this position.

2 Positions available, if you have relevant experience, please contact us.


This is a 09 weeks commitment course, 4 hours/week with 15 min break. We provide onsite instructor led courses for this course. Course contents are subject to change. Please look the schedules page for current start date of the courses and fees information. Click here to contact us for any questions and you can reach us at 1-510-991-7591. Due to limited seats availability register and pay for the course at least a week before to guarantee a seat for you.
Bring your own laptop. All the installation instructions and step by step guide is provided to you ahead of time. Install the required software’s and/or tools ahead of time for the next week. This will allow covering the course materials instead of wasting time on installation during the course.

Week 1: – Introduction to Software Testing
Week 2: – Types of Testing
Week 3: – Types of Testing Continued
Week 4: – Test Plan and Test Case Document
Week 5: – Bug Tracking / Management Tool
Week 6: – Mobile / API Testing
Week 7: – Database testing and Basic SQL queries
Week 8. – Introduction to Selenium IDE
Week 9: – Introduction to Unix Commands

Week 1: – Introduction to Software Testing

This course starts with the basics / fundamentals understanding of Manual QA testing. Manual testing covered in detail with initial focus on software testing. This will provide an overview about Software testing life cycle (STLC) in parallel with Software development life cycle. This section briefly explains about the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) which includes water fall, Agile and Scrum Methodologies, V – Model, Spiral Model, etc..
Discuss about the QA testing Buzz words like validation, Verification, Bug, Error, logs…etc
You can install Noah’s Classifieds Application and explore the application and create test cases both functional and non-functional (UI test cases). Discuss and create UAT in the business / product owner’s point of view.
Also you will install the Test link tool, explore the tool and create the test cases in the test link and how to track the bug and how to link / assign the bug.
1. Software Testing
2. Software Development Life Cycles
3. Verification and Validation
4. Qualification and Quality Control
5. Bug vs Error
6. Using Noah’s Classifies Application
7. Introduction to TestLink
8. Questions
1. Create manual test cases for Noah’s Classifieds
2. Create test case for
3. Creating test cases in TestLink

Week 2: – Types of Testing
Week two focuses on Testing Techniques (Black Box Testing and White Box Testing) and different types of testing. In this week you will learn the Black Box testing technique with different types of testing.
We will also discuss about the stand alone application testing process and web application testing approach. You can install osTicket Application and explore the application and create test cases both functional and non-functional (UI testcases). Also you will install the BugZilla tool, explore the tool and create the test cases in the test link and how to track the bug and how to link / assign the bug.
The key concepts covered will be the following:
Testing Techniques
* Black Box Testing
* White Box testing
* Positive / Negative Testing
Types of Testing
* UI Testing
* Functional Testing
* Unit Testing
* Integration Testing
* Ad hoc Testing
* Smoke Testing
* Automation Testing
1. Quiz on Week 1
2. Introduction to BugZilla
3. Windows Calculator Stand Alone UI Testing
4. osTicket Application
5. Games Manual Testing
1. Creating test cases/test suites in BugZilla
2. AgeProblem – White Box Testing
3. Firefox HTML Validator Addon – Greybox Testing
4. YSlow Firefox Addon – Website Load Performance measurement tool
5. LinkChecker – Firefox Addon Checking the links in a webpage

Week 3: – Types of Testing Continued
We will continue with different types of testing this week, by installing different addons in different browsers and implement with different examples.
You can install application and explore the application, also using the installed omniture , firebug addons we will track the marketing analytics variables which helps the marketing people to improve the produtivty. The week three materials will cover the different Testing approaches.
1. Load Testing / Performance Testing
2. DB Testing
3. Version Testing / Scenario Testing
4. Regression Testing
5. Browser Testing
6. Install Firebug
7. Install Omniture / Omnibug
1. Install Omniture and track the variables values for version testing
2. LinkChecker – Firefox Addon Checking the links in a webpage
3. MeasureIT Addon
4. Quiz on Week3

Week 4:-Test Plan and Test Case Document
The week four focuses on introducing QA Test Plan and Test Case Document. Test plan reflects your entire project testing schedule and approach. We will discuss about simple test plan and scope. We will elaborate that index to what each point meant to do. So this Test plan will include the purpose of test plan i.e to describe the scope, approach, resources, and schedule of the testing activities. Also we will discuss how to identify the items being tested, the features to be tested, the testing tasks to be performed, the personnel responsible for each task, and the risks associated with the plan.
QA Test Plan:
* Scope
* Purpose
* Tools
* System
* What /When/How
* Software
* Automation Scope
* Title
* Deliverable
QA Test Case:
* Description
* Expected Result
* Actual Result
* Remarks
1. Test Plan
2. Test Case
3. Installing Bugzilla
4. Installing Testlink
5. Import test cases from Excel to Testlink
6. Quiz on Week 3
Exercise: We will take a sample web application and create test cases / Edge cases will execute and track the test cases using Bugzilla or Testlink.
Week 5:- Bug Life Cycle / Bug Track Management
The week five covers Bug Life Cycle and Bug management. We will discuss the software development process, how the bug life cycle is involved and how the bug should go through the life cycle to be closed. Also discuss about how specific life cycle ensures and the process is standardized. The bug attains different states in the life cycle.
The following are life cycle of the bug and will be discussed in detail in the class:
• New
• Open
• Assign
• Test
• Verified
• Deferred
• Reopened
• Duplicate
• Rejected and
• Closed
1. Bug Life Cycle
2. Install TeamTrack
3. File a Bug
4. Quiz on Week 4
Take a web application (Name) and apply the above process and discuss about the above things.


Week 6:- Mobile / API Testing
The Week 6 provides the basic aspects of the Mobile Testing. Also the brief introduction about mobile testing covers about what is Mobile testing and how it is different from web testing. And also know about Android Emulator and IPhone Simulator. We will see some examples using Android Emulator.
* Physical Devices – iOS: IPhone 4, / Android – HTC / BlackBerry / Windows 7
* Testing types
* API Testing Concepts
* Testing Web Applications on Mobile Devices
* Android Testing Environment
1. Install Android SDK
2. Install Android Emulator
3. Install REST Tool For API Testing
4. mWeb Testing
5. Quiz on Week 05
Testing one web application in the Android Emulator Interface
Week 7:- Database testing and Basic SQL queries:
The week seven focuses on Database concepts and basic SQL queries. Week 07 you will learn how to compose SQL queries to retrieve information from the database. In this class you will be able to connect to the SQL server database and execute a query that includes a search condition.
We will focus on the DDL, DML and TCL commands with examples.
* Create tables
* Update
* Delete
* Insert
* Commit
* Rollback
* Select

1. Quiz on Week 6
2. Installing MySQL Community Server
3. Installing MySQL WorkBench
4. Installing Ruby DB Gems
5. Using MySQL WorkBench
6. Ruby Orange HRM Test Cases on Selenium RC
7. Ruby Data Base Access
8. Using PHPMyAdmin (Cloud based client tool to execute MySQL Queries)
1. Using cloud based data base with PHPMyAdmin client we will create Database , Table and using SQL retrieve the data from the table
Week 8: – Introduction to Selenium IDE

Week 8 provides high level overview of the contents of Basic Selenium. The course starts with installing Selenium IDE (and optionally Firefox) in Mozilla Firefox. Creating simple test cases that search “Energy Efficient” key word in different domain’s search engines.
Using Selenium IDE demonstrates to create a Selenium Test Suite using the “Energy Efficient” test cases. The above exercises “Energy Efficient” test case allows you to understand how Selenium is dependent on the HTML structure of the application under test (AUT).
1. Selenium Tutorial Course Details
2. Selenium and IDE Overview
3. Installing Selenium IDE
4. Running a Simple Test
5. Creating Selenium Test Suites
6. Exercises on Selenium IDE
7. Installing 7 Zip
9. Installing NotePad++
1. Energy Efficient Test Cases for
a. Yahoo
b. GE
2. Energy Efficient Test Suite
Week 9. Introduction to Unix Commands:
In Week 09 we will learn some of the UNIX commands which are useful for QA Engineers. We will work on some basic unix commands and also see why we are using those commands.
Unix – An operating system (OS) is a set of programs that manage hardware and provide services for application software.
1. Unix – Operating System
2. Linux
3. Install Cygwin
4. Frequently Used Commands
5. Command options
6. Working with Directories
7. Working with Files
8. Vi Editor
9. Server Concepts
10. QA Tester Role
11. Quiz on Week 08
1. Vi Editor
2. Basic Commands


This is an immediate position, requires automation skills. Please send your résumé immediately.

Click here to apply.

Senior Automation Test Developer:


The Autodesk Knowledge Network is a new and growing team being created to support the adoption of Autodesk products, by investing in web development efforts focused on making it easier for our customers to get ‘Help’. We’re working on a variety of projects in parallel; all aimed at enabling richer customer self-service access to a broad variety of Autodesk- and community-generated knowledge about using our products. The scope includes richer, guided access to basic learning content, technical support and customer service.

As a part of this effort, we are seeking an energetic, motivated and experienced Senior Automation Test Developer with strong Java, test framework development skills and in-depth knowledge of QA processes and tools.  The candidate should have a passion for quality and should be able to work closely with developers, architects and Quality Engineers in a highly collaborative environment.

Our environment consists of SaaS based Web applications (J2EE (OSGi); PHP; Drupal), optimized for consumption in browsers, mobile browsers, mobile applications, and Autodesk desktop software components; in a service-oriented architecture using Rest and SOAP APIs running on Linux on Amazon cloud.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Creating Java-based Automation Test Framework utilizing – Java, Selenium 2.0 Web driver, Selenium Grid  using TestNG/JUnit frameworks
  • Develop automated functional and regression tests
  • Automate testing of Web Services using Groovy within SoapUI tool or Selenium
  • ·         Integrate test automatons with automated build and continuous integration process
  • Ability to adapt to short sprint cycles (2-4 weeks) and experience in the full software life cycle from design to deployment
  • Create effective test plans, test cases, and run risk analysis prior to product releases
  • ·         Providing test coverage analysis based on automation results
  • Participate in product and feature design reviews with developers
  • Create home-grown tools and scripts to ease and support ad-hoc testing
  • Train and mentor junior Quality engineers in automating functional and regression test suites
  • Advocate and promote a strong culture for testing and outstanding software quality



Skills Summary:

  • 5+ years of Java-based test automation experience.
  • Experience with automating QA tests, processes, and reports
  • Successful history of implementing automated functional and regression based test frameworks utilizing open source tools Selenium 2.0/Java/ Test NG/JUnit ( white box )
    • Experience using tools such as Apache Maven/ANT/Jenkins/Hudson
    • Strong knowledge of database interface and SQL
    • Strong UNIX/LINUX scripting and command-line troubleshooting background
    • Experience with Agile methodologies ( Scrum) and Test Driven Development (TDD)
    • Experience with tools such as web monitoring, code coverage, memory tools
    • Knowledge of HTML and web technologies
    • Test Planning and test case writing & designing


Desired Skills:

  • Load and performance testing using open source tools such as JMeter or LoadUI
  • Experience with mobile testing automation is a plus
  • Experience with unit testing
  • Experience in Object Oriented Design (OOD)
  • Keen interest in new technologies and adopt them quickly



About Autodesk, Inc.


As a global leader in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software, Autodesk helps people imagine, design, and create a better world. Autodesk accelerates better design through an unparalleled depth of experience and a broad portfolio of software to give customers the power to solve their design, business, and environmental challenges. In addition to designers, architects, engineers, and media and entertainment professionals, Autodesk helps students, educators, and casual creators unlock their creative ideas through user-friendly applications.



About 2 months back, I have installed the plugin bbPress – Private Replies Extension,  after the installation, both admin and user portion of the blog stopped working, i did not get  a chance on to work on the blog, finally looked at the word press error_log and found the real problem:

After installing this plugin the entire blog went down, in the error_log, I’m only seeing the below error:
PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function bbp_get_reply_post_type() in /wp-content/plugins/bbpress-private-replies/bbp-private-replies.php on line 190

Opened the file bbp-private-replies.php and commented the line#190 and #191

//if( bbp_get_reply_post_type() != get_post_type( $post ) )
//return $classes;
then it again failed with the new error.

PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function  bbp_get_reply()

this time went and commented the line#129

//            $reply     = bbp_get_reply( $reply_id );

This made the admin site to work again, go and disabled the plugin and updated the plugin from 0.1 to the latest version of 1.0, this resolved the problem.

If you are also affected due to the above problem in your wordpress site, error, try to use above given work-around to resolve the problem.

Good Luck.


How to disable Java in your browsers?

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US government advises computer users to disable Java, the original notice can be found here.

To disable Java in your browsers click here to get the instruction for different browsers in many of the common OS.

Oracle says Java flaw which Homeland Security warned about will be fixed shortly and the flaw is only in JDK 1.7, read more here.

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